Ramadan is a month of charity, benevolence and spiritual purification. During this holy month, Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall plans to host Fast-a-thon 2014 – an annual charity initiative that aims to make a positive difference to the people in need.

Several parts of Africa still face grave starvation. The number of hungry people grew in Africa over the period, from 175 million to 239 million, with nearly 20 million added in the last few years. Through the charity event, Fast-a-thon 2014, Hyatt Plaza and RAF provide you an opportunity to help the African people in need,   

What is Fast-a-thon?
Fast-a-thon is an annual charity initiative organized by Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall. In 2014, the proceedings of Fast-a-thon will be donated to the African people in need. The event encourages non-Muslims to register, attend the orientation and fast for a single day. On behalf of every person who fasts, RAF and Hyatt Plaza will donate QR 200 to the people of Africa.

Why is the registration open to only non-Muslims? What if Muslims want to support the people of Africa?
The objective of Fast-a-thon is to encourage people to make an extra effort and help the people in need. Since Holy month of Ramadan makes it obligatory for Muslims to fast every day, they will be fasting and involves no extra effort. We will also be placing a donation box in the mall throughout the Holy month for people to donate and support our charity drive.

When is the event?

The event will take place along two days:

Date – 04th July 2014
Time – 04.00 PM
Venue – Hyatt Plaza Food Court

Orientation will provide an overview about the do’s and don’ts of fasting. It will also have a brief session by Primary Health Care Corporation, where participants can clarify their doubts about the effects of fasting on health.

Date – 05 July 2014
Time – 06.00 PM
Venue – Hyatt Plaza Food Court

All participants will be invited for an Iftar party on the 5th of July 2014. The Iftar party will be an interactive session, where participants can share their experience about living a single day without food. There will also be various activities like free henna, face painting for the kids, health checkups by Primary Heath Care Center and more.

Are kids allowed to participate?
Yes, any kid who would like to participate voluntarily in Fast-a-thon is allowed to enroll. Moreover, every kid (below 14 years) who participates in Fast-a-thon will get Jungle Zone tickets worth QR 100 as a gift from Jungle Zone.

How can I participate in Fast-a-thon?
You can register yourself in 2 different ways:

  1. Send an email to fastathon@hyattplaza.com, with your Name, age, nationality, Mobile number and Email Address.
  2. Call 44999666 and enroll yourself.