• Make-believe fire drill held at Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall

    Make-believe fire drill held at Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall In our continuous efforts to guarantee a safe shopping environment for tenants and shoppers, and to ensure that our objectives are in line with Qatar’s safety standards and security procedures, Hyatt Plaza shopping mall organized a Fire drill at our premises on April 19, 2012. During the process, fire attentiveness, building fire safety plan, fire warden responsibilities, general evacuation procedure plans and after any emergency procedures were all reviewed and was appreciated by the authorities. The drill was organized and carried out by the operations department of the mall management and included the participation of the Civil Defense Department and Hamad Medical Corporation. The 'make-believe' fire drill exercise lasted 30 minutes and involved a number of real life scenarios and a more detailed demonstration which included ambulances and role play casualties in order to simulate possible emergency situations. As part of the drill, tenants and shoppers were guided by security representatives on emergency escape routes and fire exits that can be utilized in case of a real emergency situation through which they would be guided safely and assemble in designated areas around the Hyatt Plaza Mall parking lot. A team of firefighters from the Fire and Rescue Department and medical officers evacuated pretend victims with uppermost efficiency. The evacuation drill involved the participation of other agencies and over 1000 tenants and visitors.