• Fast A Thon 2018 - Restore a Child's Sight


    Fastathon is back in its 9th edition; our charity event destined to Non-Muslims offers the opportunity to experience fasting for one day followed by an Iftar party. This year, for every person who registers and Fasts, Hyatt Plaza and Qatar Charity will donate to buy eyeglasses for needy children with visual impairments inside Qatar.


    Expats in Qatar are always intrigued by the local culture, especially during Ramadan. and since Hyatt Plaza is always trying to bring communities together, we are providing the participants with the chance to help the underprivileged and experience the true spirit of the Holy Month through fasting for one day.

    Join us and be a part of this amazing experience where different cultures meet.

    Date: 1st and 2nd June 2018
    For more information, please call 4499 9666 or send an email to fastathon@hyattplaza.com