• “Shamna is calling” – A campaign to help the people in Syria

    Hyatt Plaza shopping mall was recognized as the ideal destination to launch “Shamna is calling” campaign, a month long campaign to support the people of Syria. The campaign is organized by Shaikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) and consists of various activities, including lectures, photos exhibition, and donation collection. The campaign started on April 20th at Hyatt Plaza with a talk titled ‘Shamna is Calling’ during which well known speaker, Mr. Wajdi Ghounim discussed about the situation in Syria and how we can play a major role to support them and make their lives better. Popular speaker, Mr. Hashem Mashhadani, also delivered a talk on May 04th at Hyatt Plaza food court and explained more about the campaign to the customers at Hyatt Plaza.