All downloads are subject to the terms and conditions of this website. These images are for media use
only and not for personal or retail use. If you would like images to help promote your product or service
please email a formal request to our PR department at or


Q: How can I get facts, information, quotations and images from Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall?
A: You can find information and quotes under Press Releases and images can be found in our
website photo gallery.

Q: How do I contact Hyatt Plaza about a TV, film or other media production?
A: Please feel free to contact any of our team members in the public relations department as listed on
the PR contacts or by calling 44999666 and asking for public relations.

Are you a member of the media looking for more information? If you would like receive press releases,
please email our Corporate Communications Executive in our PR department.


Media must be credentialed and have prior permission to shoot in Hyatt Plaza. This means all
members of the media party must wear a media badge at all times while taping and filming on Hyatt
Plaza Shopping Mall’s property.


  • Once granted permission, you MUST either check in at the Customer Service Desk (open regular retail hours) or meet with someone in the PR Dept. to receive your media badge.
  • You have permission to film in Mall common spaces only, meaning the main corridors of the Mall.
  • You are not allowed to film in any tenant spaces (stores or restaurants) without receiving prior permission from them.
  • You are not authorized to film uniformed security personnel or procedures without prior authorization.
  • You are not allowed to conduct surveys or questionnaires with any Mall guests without receiving prior permission from the Marketing Department.
  • If you wish to film outside on Mall property, or in the parking ramps, you must coordinate this with the PR Dept. who will then coordinate with Mall security.
  • You are not allowed to use light set-ups or tri-pods in high traffic areas or on busy days – exceptions can be made. This guideline is in place for the safety of you and our guests.
  • You must be able to carry all your equipment in on your back. No carts or dollies may be used for transporting equipment into the building.
  • Minors, those under the age of 18, cannot be taped or filmed without parental consent.







To speak to a representative of the
media team, please contact:

Omar Sabahie
Marketing Executive
Tel: 44999657

Mob: 66991336